Sunday, 15 August 2010

Vale the Ranchslider

Since 1996 or thereabouts, I've been a big fan of Groundeffect cycling gear. They're a little pricey, but they're bombproof.

My faces have always been the daddylonglegs leggings and the ranchslider cargos. I've ridden 2 pairs of rancheis into the ground, 5 years out of my old first edition cordura ones and 10 years out of the second edition microfibre pair.

Sadly, Groundeffect don't do the cycling pad in them anymore. This makes then into an overpant only, requiring bike shorts under for riding. My $30 cargo pants from Costco can do that job with a pair of reflective ankle wraps to keep them out of the chain. $30 v. $130 is no contest.

I'll probably still buy my next pair of daddylonglegs from them if my current 12 year old pair ever wear out, but ranchies without the padding? Too expensive.

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