Monday, 13 August 2007

Where Art Meets Craft in the Cafe of Practicality

Sometimes there is no substitute for engineering. The cold, clinical precision of technology providing the lightest, fastest, most exhilarating ride you can throw a leg over. Yeh, it's cold, it's dead, but it's FAST, man!

Then there is beauty. Fleeting, priceless, warm and not a straight line in sight. Warm because it is organic, made from timber. Priceless because, while these could be mass-produced, they shouldn't be, it'd just be wrong to destroy whole forests to cheapen the rarity of a hand-crafted piece. Fleeting because, many of us wouldn't dream of spending money on something so precious, simply because... well, what if you dropped it, laid it down at speed? Horror! Never mind the skin, varnished wood won't heal itself when grazed!

This fleeting, beautiful and warm poetry of motion, with it's laminated frame and wheels is the Gota. Gota bicycles are inspired by the shapes of nature and crafted in Brazil. Get back to the bicycle's roots.

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