Thursday, 19 July 2007

New bike! Vale "Iggy"? Not yet!

"Iggy" my trusty mount for the last (nearly) 14 years, a British racing green 1993 Giant Iguana, double-butted, chromoly, no-suspension mountainbike, is about to clap out. Not surprising really, in her heyday "Iggy" probably pounded Hobarts roads and bridges on average an hour a day - and has probably seen as much as 30000km. So, "Iggy" won't be my mount on the Circumcyclogation.

Instead, some time early next week, a new Cell S2200 will become my main ride. I picked this up while researching the piece below on cheap folding bikes, finding Cell's road bike range to be amazingly good value, the S2200 itself being one of Cell's best sellers, at AU$448.

It's only got generic Shimano triple-ring, 8-speed groupset and downtube shifters, but in my local area, you pay twice the Cell price for an equivalent, 7005 framed bike with generic Shimano. It's a good base frame for casual upgrading, with chromoly fork, 7005 heat-treated alloy frame, Samson double-walled deep vee rims and reasonable selection of frame sizes. I'll post a review once I've had a week or so in the saddle.

Of "Iggy's" fate? She's becoming a single-speed. With a seizing bottom bracket, sticky chain and shark-toothed chainrings, it's the cheapest rebuild path for a trusty old faithful that's not worth selling anymore. Surprisingly too, its only as I've come to write this post that I've realised I don't think I have a photo of "Iggy" other than a head-on shot on the Tasman Bridge and all you can really see is me, the Bramha bars and a Tioga Cityslicker front tyre.

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