Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Getting Serious: Day 1, Stage 3, Dunalley-Weilangta

The third leg of the first day's riding will take us from Dunalley up into the hills of Weilangta Forest.

0.0km: Dunalley, the last chance to buy decent groceries for dinner at Weilangta camp. Head north-east up Arthur Hwy (A9) to Bay Rd.
2.4km: at Bay Rd, turn right off Arthur Hwy (A9) heading for Marion Bay.
9.2km: Marion Bay is the home of the Falls Festival in Tasmania. Continue north on Bay Rd.
12.8km: Turn right from Marion Bay Rd to Bream Creek Rd, heading for Bream Creek.
22.3km: Turn Right from Bream Creek Rd onto Kellevie Rd.
23.6km: Turn right from Kellevie Rd onto Franklins Rd, heading for State Forest.
30.9km:The day's riding ends in beautiful Weilangta State Forest picnic area. (You did remember to pack stuff to cook for dinner, didn't you? Last shop of note was at Dunalley!)

It's important to note that this is an unofficial campsite and additional respect for the area, above normal good camping practice, should be given. If you carried it in, you can carry it out, don't light fires, leave nothing behind but footprints, and keep those to a minimum.

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