Thursday, 7 June 2007

Tasmanian Road Rules

There are cycletourists circumcyclogating Tasmania, either partially or fully, every day of the week, so it's not like Dan and I are planning anything new. That's the point, ordinary people can cycle extraordinary distances.

Of course, it's important that cyclists obey the road rules, as much as for the reputation of cyclists in general, as for personal safety and consideration of other road users. Thankfully, our friends over at Bicycle Tasmania have distilled the bicycle specific rules from the Tasmania Police Traffic Code.

Additional to the cycling-specific rules, all the usual ones apply. Ride on the left on two-way roads, obey speed limits (yellow ones are advisory, but can be enforced in some circumstances, white ones are compulsory - and yes, I know cyclists capable of breaking some speed limits), you have the same basic responsibilities and rights as motor vehicles, give way to the right unless otherwise signed, first to a roundabout has right of way (although don't push this one on a bicycle, Tasmanian drivers seem to have no idea how to use a roundabout), and so on.

If you're planning to cycle Tasmania, Bicycle Tasmania's comprehensive site should be an important part of your research, as should membership if you plan to stay for a significant length of time. Worth comparing the optional membership insurance policy to your travel policy, too, it may cover things your travel insurance calls "high risk".

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