Friday, 8 June 2007

Getting Serious: Day 1, Stage 2, Sorell-Dunalley

Continuing the route outline for Circumcyclogation, we head from morning tea at Sorell for lunch at Dunalley on Day 1.

0.0km: Leave Sorell, heading east on the Arthur Hwy (A9) to Lewisham Rd.
5.1km: Turn right from Arthur Hwy onto Lewisham Rd, also known as Lewisham Scenic Drv. Follow this past Old Forcett Rd to Carlton Beach Rd.
12.1km: Proceed straight ahead off Lewisham Rd onto Carlton Beach Rd (NOT Carlton River Rd), following this to Athol St.
15.2km: Turn right from Athol St onto Bally Park Rd, following it onto Carlton Beach Rd to Provence Drv.
17.3km: Turn right off Carlton Beach Rd onto Provence Drv.
18.0km: Turn right off Provence Drv.
22.8km: Turn right from Carlton River Rd to Sugarloaf Rd and proceed to Carlton Bridge.
23.4km: Proceed straight ahead off Carlton Bridge, along Fulham Rd.
25.8km: Connellys Marsh is a small seaside hamlet. Continue through along Fulham Rd.
33.8km: Lunch at the chippy, on the canal bank or at the Dunalley Pub, across the bridge.

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