Friday, 8 June 2007

Bikely Now Part of Cycling Plus Stable

We here at Circumcyclogation depend pretty heavily on Bikely for our mapping. This cyclist-specific frontend for Google Maps is the state of the art in cycle tour research tools, providing up to date maps, satellite images and route profiles for just about all of the planet.

So today, reading my email and finding that Future Publishing (publishers of Cycling Plus and Mountain Biking UK) are now in charge of Bikely, I couldn't help feel this service is going to a new level. Great news for cycletourists!

From the email...

Meet the new Bikely team - June 2007

It's little more than a year since Jules launched Bikely but in that time it's really struck a chord with the world's bike riders helping us find and share great routes all over the planet.

Now Jules is handing the Bikely baton on to Future Publishing - we're the people behind the top British cycling magazines: Mountain Biking UK, Cycling Plus, What Mountain Bike, and Pro Cycling we also do plenty of biking stuff on the web too through our magazines' websites and forums.

Everyone here lives to ride and we've been big Bikely fans for most of its short life - we're not going to mess with a winning formula but we do have big plans for Bikely and our new website, click on the link to find out more.

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