Monday, 11 June 2007

Banbury Slice Run

The 42km round trip from Lutana to Richmond and back, via Bowen Bridge and Grasstree hill is a ripper littel test of the legs, but take two bananas: one each for the top of Grasstree Hill. Yesterday's spin out and back was particularly chilly and I found myself cramped up on the final stages, partly from working harder on my old clunker to keep up with Dan (who is honestly leaving me behind in the fitness stakes!) and partly from burning more energy to keep warm on the downhills. (Never stop pedalling on a cold day downhill run!)

The route is as follows...
0.0km - Lutana: Starting at the Lutana Liberty service station, head along Gepp Pde to Howard Rd.
1.4km - Goodwood: Follow Howard Rd around to Goodwood Rd.
2.2km - Dowsings Pt: Turn right from Howard Rd and proceed across Bowen Bridge to Risdon Vale.
6.7km - Risdon Vale: Pass through the roundabout, adjacent to Risdon Prison, to Grasstree Hill Rd, and follow this across the hill to Richmond Rd.
19.6km - Richmond: Turn left off Grasstree Hill Rd onto Richmond Rd, following this to Richmond, turning right into Henry St.
Turn left up lane to bakery courtyard. Do try their Banbury slice. (Jam between two sheets of puff pastry, bakes to a golden crisp.) Yum! Return to Lutana retracing the route.

Have to say, I felt like I was holding Dan back. My legs felt OK this morning, but I was a pile of misery last night, and I should have eaten this spin for breakfast without a hassle. Can only suspect the cold weather, and lack of bananas at "the top" left me a bit bereft befor I'd finished.

Ask Dan how he pulled up. (Probably didn't even feel like he'd been out, the bugger ;-)


Gyro said...

Man it was only 42km! I don't even eat in that distance. Rode Richmond Brighton loop 9 June, hardly even drank water due to cold.
You have been very underground of late...

Steve said...

That you, Mezz? Yeh, it's not good, normally I'd knock it over without pain. It's what living only 3 clicks from work does to you :-( I could probably walk the forty in 5, though ;-) (OK, I exaggerate a little...)

dante said...

Didn't feel the ride at all Steve. What can I say, I'm fit. ;-)