Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Zap Zap Shoot Shoot

The Beatles once sang happiness is a warm gun. Well, what warmer feeling inside can a cyclist in traffic have than knowing, when the next motorist hassles them, all they'll need to do is pull their Aether Oscillator and wave it at the motorist menacingly.

OK, they don't actually oscilate any aether. They don't even give the target a terse zap, but they look convincing. Complete the superhero look, your lycra cycling gear gives you, with these rayguns from special effects gurus, Weta, on your belt. ZAP!!!!

I recomend the "Manmelter 3600ZX", a snip at NZ$1165 (incl. GST), and just the thing for... well, melting the menace from a cussing car occupant. Fry 'em in style ;-)

Jeez, the kiwis make some good stuff, sometimes.

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