Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Training Goals

Last year Dan and I did the Round The Bay In A Day, and we've threatened a few times to include it this year as a training goal, too.

Last year we finished about 30 or 40 minutes apart (EDIT: I came in behind Dan), both completing the 223km (the official distance was 213km) event in less than 11 hours. This year, I'm aiming for a sub-ten-hour time. (With the realistic caviat that I'll have to be on a better bike and better trained for that to be likely.)

As another possible training goal, there's the ASH Dash, in the first weekend of December. 213km around the Huon and Channel district in southeast Tasmania, over seven pretty nasty hills instead of flat like the RTB, above.

What say you, Dan? Both, old chap? There's no confirmed entry for the ASH Dash 2007 in the Audax calendar yet, but it's worth watching for.
Audax Australia


dante said...

You failed to mention that I finished last years ATB before you. ;)

Yes, I'm marking both on the calendar for this year. I'm sure there'll be a few other AUDAX rides we can slot in before the circumcyclogation.

Steve said...

I just registered for the 210km MQSM leg of the RTB. They don't seem to be knocking back non-BV members ;-)

And oops, I did mean to mention that about you being faster than me, the danger of doing this from work, distractions. Fixed now.