Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tasman Predawn

People familiar with spinning into work along Hobart's Intercity Cycleway before the dawn's early light will be familiar with this scene. The air is still, the river a millpond, the bridge reflected against the briney black.

I'm told I arrived at work with a silly grin. I certainly felt good.

The Tasman Bridge is part of the route on Day 1, option 1 and leads onto Riawena Rd. It's a good view from the top.

The photo isn't from this morning (it was this time last year), like I say, it's a common sight, but it's worth a publish. As are some Tasman Bridge facts as taken from the plaque at the westen end, too...

Tasman Bridge
Construction Authority:Department of Public Works, Tasmania
Consulting Engineers:G. Maunsell & Partners (London & Melbourne)
Contractor:Reed, Braithwaite, Stuart & Lipscombe,
Salsbury, United Kingdom
Principal Statistics:
Overall Length:4650 ft.
Width Between Kerbs:44 ft.
Maximum Gradient:1:18
Navigation Span:(overall) 310 ft
And (clearspan) 240 ft.
Concrete:145000 tons
Reinforcing steel:5200 tons
Number of 54” bored piles:216
Waterway width:3500 ft
Overall width:57’-2”
Main viaduct spans (19):140 ft.
Anchor spans (2):197 ft.
Minimum clearance above MSL For shipping:150 ft.
Prestressing cables:72 ½ miles
Deepest pile:(below MSL) 265 ft.
Construction commenced June, 1960. Completed December, 1964.
Approach roads and Lindisfarne Traffic Interchange constructed by Public Works Department of Tasmania.
Direct of Public Works – R. C. Sharp, Esq., B.E., A.M.I.C.E, A.M.I.E. Australia, M.A.P.I.

All very interesting, shame it's a crap link to the Eastern Shore. I don't mind crossing it for a recreational ride, but it used to be a real chore to commute across by bike. Really glad I don't live there anymore, especially on windy days! The ol' girl looks good, sets off the harbour nicely, but she's totally car-centric.

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