Thursday, 10 May 2007

Suitable Transport

Now, if you're reading this blog, and thinking to yourself, "Cycle around Tasmania?! These guys are either deluded or superhuman," think about this...
  • You can cycle 16km on the calories in a bowl of rice,
  • A car would travel about 20 metres on the same amount of energy,
  • Cycling is 5x more efficient than walking the same distance (ie walking 16km requires 5 bowls of rice) and
  • A labourer in a warehouse will burn more calories in a day than a cycletourist doing 80km/day.

Still not convinced that cycling vast distances is easy? Have a look at Suitable Transport, these guys rode a team tour on power-assisted treadlies from Sydney to Melbourne, many of them in suits. Now, add to this that, at any given day, thousands of people tour Australia on unassisted bicycles - I mean circumcyclogate Australia, too - many of them are retirees! Cycling is easy, OK.

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