Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Leader of the Crap

While I'm on the subject of how easy cycling is, even without electric or 2-stroke assistance, surfing e-bikes turned up this monster on eBay. Yeh, it's probably fun, it sorta looks stylish, but at 48kg, there's NO WAY this is going to be easier to ride than an unassisted bike of similar design. This is what burns my shorts about electric mopeds.

A basic Huffy mountainbike from K-Mart (yes, Rainman, K-Mart sucks ;-) weighs around 15kg, add a bit extra for a chopper and you're probably looking at 20kg. What this means is the elctrics (battery, motor and controller) adds up to 28kg to get a 200 watt boost.

It's not rocket science (well, it is, physics IS rocket science ;-) to work out that when the battery dies, this bike is a boat anchor. What happens to batteries after several cycles? They get shorter charge life. Eventually, this brute is going to need a new battery or the motor and battery ripped out to be any use.

My advice, get a proper, bike-shop bike and ride it every day. Not too far, but far enough to sweat lightly (just a glow when you get home) for 10 minutes before turning back home. After about 4 weeks, add another 5 minutes. After about 4 months you'll find cycling as easy as Dan and I do. I guarantee it!*

*As no money is changing hands here, I feel safe offering your money back if you're not completely satisfied with my advice. I mean, what money, free advice is exactly that, free. Free of cost and free of obligation. Cycle at your own risk, you timid weenie.


slumbering said...

Have you gone completely mad?!

Where the hell is Filthy Noises, dammit?!

What is this biking nonsense, FFS?!

I love you.

Steve said...

Filthy Noises was boring me (and costing me money in hosting, etc and getting too greedy for storage, yada yada...), sorry :-(

Cycling never bores me... ;-)

Sorry, but nothing is permanence, not even permanence. ;-)