Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Getting Serious: Day 1, Stage 1, Hobart-Sorell (Option 2)

An alternative route out of Hobart to Sorell on Day one is via Grasstree Hill and Richmond. While steeper, the route is also about 4km shorter. However, it doesn't encompass as much coast as the first option, and one of the aims of Circumcyclogation is to encompass as much of Tasmania as is possible by road without doubling back.

So, the route runs as follows...

0km: Starting at Prince Of Wales Bay Sports Reserve front gate, head north on Gepp Parade to Howard Rd roundabout. This route passes a pleasant riverside park with views of fishing boats in the marina.

1.1km: Turn right around roundabout from Gepp Pde to Howard Rd, following Howard Rd to Goodwood Rd.

2km: Turn right from Howard Rd to Good Rd and head across Bowen Bridge to East Derwent Hwy.

4.1km: Straight ahead on East Derwent Hwy to Risdon Vale and Grasstree Hill Rd. This section passes the Bowen Park Pyramids which mark the site of Tasmania's first settlement, just back from Risdon Cove. The settlement relocated to Sullivans Cove, site of Hobart's current waterfront a year or so later.

6.5km: At the Risdon roundabout, adjacent to the prison, take Grasstree Hill Rd up the steep climb to summit of Grasstree Hill.

11.4km: From the top of Grasstree hill, descend quickly to Richmond Rd. Be careful as the road is wound tight like a corkscrew and the views can be distracting.

19.3km: Turn left off Grasstree Hill Rd onto Richmond Rd heading for the historic village of Richmond, turning right onto Wellington st to cross the convict bridge, the oldest working bridge in the southern hemisphere.

22km: Head straight out of Richmond from Wellington St, along Brinktop Rd to the Tasman Hwy.

31.5km: At Tasman Hwy, turn right and head into Sorell. Enjoy a coffee and a donut before heading off on the second leg of the day.

Coming Soon: Day 1, Stage 2, Sorell-Dunalley via Lewisham, Carlton Beach and Connellys Marsh.

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