Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Gear! Rear Racks.

No, not GEARS, gear! Racks in this case. The deadly Giant Iguana I've been riding since 1993 has all the mounts for racks, but the cheap clones of Blackburn stylings I've been using may not be sturdy enough for a trip away from home for so long.

The rack shown is a home-built jobby. Hmmm, looks a might heavy to me... Looks a might ugly, too, but then so's the Iguana.

I think with Iggy being my likely mount for Circumcyclogation, weight is to be an issue. So something better than crude workshop racks is in order. First, there's Blackburn...

  • TR1 for 51.95,
  • Mountain Rack and XR1 for $55.95 and
  • the EX1 at $72.00
Topeak have several nice units, too...Hmm, how much to spend?!

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dante said...

I have the Topeak Explorer on my single speed commuter. It seems to be a pretty sturdy rack.
You can fit any of the Topeak MTX bags using the slide on mount, or hang panniers off the side. I'd recommend one.

I'll probably get the Super Tourist for the Trek 1200 I'm converting into a tourer. The Trek has the mounts for a rear rack.

I'll be detailing the conversion of the Trek from Road bike to Tourer in upcoming instalments. Plus, converting the 1200 to a tourer will force me into getting a Trek 1500 next year. ;-)