Wednesday, 9 May 2007


As you can see from Steve's fluffing around with his mobile, we like gadgets!
Here are a couple I'd like to take on the circumcyclogation with us.

Garmin eTrex Vista Cx. With one of these strapped to the handle bars we'll want to get lost! I've never owned a GPS unit, but from what I understand, we can upload all our waypoints for the trip. Hey, who cares?! It's a gadget!

Polar AXN 300. I bought myself one of these a few weeks ago and use it at the gym and on the bike all the time. Its a bit chunky, as its supposedly designed for skiers, but it does the job well. As well as being a HRM, it also measures altitude and atmospheric pressure and can record rates of climbing and descent. Great for hilly Tasmania.

Garmin Edge 305. This is what Steve needs to get. It's a heart rate monitor, cycle computer and GPS all in one.


Steve said...

Dunno about "need", but the fancy Garmin would be nice. Just the same, if I get a GPS, it'll probably be something more like a basic $200 unit, and then only after everything else is ship shape (ie panniers, racks, tent, sleeping bag, clothes and food ;-)

dante said...

Of course you NEED it! How could you possibly life without a bike computer like that?!? ;-)

Steve said...

Life will not be rich, but I will survive... Somehow...