Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Foot Work

On a non-cycling aside, my mate Graham and I are doing a few days in Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clare National Park later this month. A quick tool up the lake to The Labyrinth, rock hop up to Mt Geryon, scrub bash across to Gould Plateau and back to the car over 3 days. Now that should be some good cross-training for the legs ;-)

Actually, any half-fit, reasonably-skilled outdoorsman should make time to check out this classic national park when they come to Tassy. Even a day-trip drive into Cradle Mountain and a walk around Dove Lake is worth a look. Several days rambling is the recommended thing though. But remember, pack for four seasons in one day (ABSOLUTELY NO BIKES, OK!! but you can cycle in and chain up at the end of the road), it can even snow in summer in this wilderness and gets more than 20 rain days a month some months!

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