Friday, 18 May 2007

Citrus Moon and Sea Fog

Between 16:00 and 18:00 yesterday, if you'd been on your way from Hobart to Kingston along the Channel Hwy, you'd have seen Dan and I out training. From New Town to Citrus Moon Cafe and back via Taroona is 43km according to my cyclometer and we did it in 1h 47m - an average speed of 24km/h. Dan, coming from Lutana, would have travelled a little further. The peak speed was over 50km/h (headed into Kingston around the golf club - steep!) and the trend was more like 30km/h on most of the level stretches, a nice workout after work.

Aside from Citrus Moon's always good standard of hot chocolate, the shining highlight of the trip was the seamist rolling across Bonnet Hill on the return journey. The air was so still and silent, the only sound in the grey light, the occassional car and our tyres on the road. It struck me as being like a set for a Steven King film a la The Langoliers.

This popular cycle training route takes in Sandy Bay, Taroona and passes the historic Shot tower. The picture is a watercolour of the famous Hobart landmark, held by the State Library of Tasmania, and believed to be painted by Curzona Allport. (Date unkown, but would have had to be some time between 1860 and 1946.)

Find the route here, on Bikely.

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